Learn visual thinking the right way

No-bullshit email course + a fancy sketchbook that teaches you how to use visual thinking for business, marketing and freelancing.

Learn visual thinking the right way

How it works?

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Choose a handmade sketchbook you want to study the course with.

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Once you've got your sketchbook, you’ll start receiving emails with short lessons about visual thinking for work and business.

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Enjoy our 10-lesson course twice a week and use new skills as a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate.


The course was designed to guide you through simple drawing exercises and mini-projects. The goal is to improve your visual note-taking skills over a 5-week period. It's a directed, process-based approach that step by step improves your sketchnoting.

Lesson 1— Visual Thinking in Generating Ideas: 5 Steps.
A visual representation of the meeting plan helps me to see the big picture of things we want to do and know what is next at a glance. In this lesson, you can find more details on how it went and some advice if you want to have a similar meeting with your team.
Lesson 2 — A product «molecule», the basic part of your offering.
This is a simple yet powerful approach when you need to understand quickly what a product is about, give feedback or describe what you are working on.
Lesson 3 — Visual Approach for Your Daily Planning.
Over the last few months, I’ve planned my days visually in a sketchbook. I might set aside time for a hobby, a work-related interest, or something I just want to do out of curiosity but without any real purpose. I call this visual planning the “Get Things Done (GTD) / Growth Balance.” This lesson contains a closer look at my process.
Lesson 4 — How to prioritize your ideas.
There are always more things to build that you have time or money for. That is why you need a product roadmap, which is basically a plan showing release outputs and anticipated dates.
Lesson 5 — Visual Story Design Process.
Very often I am stuck when writing because I either have no idea what to write about or I have a lot of thoughts and ideas that are mixed up in my mind and it is almost impossible to sort through them. I want to share with you a simple technique that helps me to overcome procrastination in writing or creating a presentation on any topic.
Lesson 6 — Find The Gaps In Your Product's Concept.
You can use this framework for both new and existing projects. Think about how your product will perform at each stage, find the missing parts and brainstorm on how to fix them.
Lesson 7 — Three questions to ask your users.
This sketch illustrates three useful questions that you can ask your users in order to uncover the truth. I ask them all the time.
Lesson 8 — The greatest design question.
Understanding the background for what a person wants to do is critical if you are trying to come up with a new solution or experience.
Lesson 9 — What makes UX successful.
A well-designed product allows us to solve our problem, but a great product with a great design triggers something special inside us, it makes us care about it, smile or share it with friends.
Lesson 10 — Storytelling and Storyboarding in UX Design.
In this lesson you will find a visual summary of the structure of the story, proposed by Christina Wodtke, works great for user-center design process.
Bonus — Choose the right UX metrics for your product.
I want to share with you an approach for identifying what to measure to evaluate your design decisions.
A part of the lesson 6
A part of the lesson 6
A content creation process
A content creation process
A sketchnote for the lesson 8
A sketchnote for the lesson 8

Who is it for?


You can improve your presentation skills and make pitches clearer.


Your ability to draw images, which is representing data and vision you have, has a potential to grow.


Visual thinking helps you to focus and think clearly, and boost your creativity.

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I personally have been interested in sketching. I love that I can have a class along with purchasing the notebook.

Safia Hatcher
Safia Hatcher
Social Media Manager at Your Brand Voice

Pretty neat pairing of physical & digital goods. I think this is a great model for many current and future businesses.

Hameto Benkreira
Hameto Benkreira
Founder of Drop In

This is a brilliant idea, and the sketchbooks look great! Definitely investing in one.

Harry Gardiner
Harry Gardiner
Social Media Executive at Koozai
Boldnotebooks, 2016