No-bullshit email course + a fancy sketchbook that teaches you how to use visual thinking for business, marketing and freelancing
How it works?
Step 1
Choose a handmade sketchbook you want to study the course with.
Step 2
Once you've got your sketchbook, you’ll start receiving emails with short lessons about visual thinking for work and business.
Step 3
Enjoy our 10-lesson course twice a week and use new skills as a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate.
Email course on visual thinking
The course was designed to guide you through simple drawing exercises and mini-projects. The goal is to improve your visual note-taking skills over a 5-week period. It's a directed, process-based approach that step by step improves your sketchnoting.

Lesson 1— Visual Thinking in Generating Ideas: 5 Steps.
Lesson 2 — A product «molecule», the basic part of your offering.
Lesson 3 — Visual Approach for Your Daily Planning.
Lesson 4 — How to prioritize your ideas.
Lesson 5 — Visual Story Design Process.
Lesson 6 — Find The Gaps In Your Product's Concept.
Lesson 7 — Three questions to ask your users.
Lesson 8 — The greatest design question.
Lesson 9 — What makes UX successful.
Lesson 10 — Storytelling and Storyboarding in UX Design.
Bonus — Choose the right UX metrics for your product.
A part of the lesson 6.
A content creation process
A sketchnote for the lesson 8.
Who is it for?
You can improve your presentation skills and make pitches clearer by applying the following framework: use storytelling techniques, select appropriate language analogies, use effective pictures and words that can trigger the audience's emotions and imagination.
Your ability to draw images, which is representing data and vision you have, has a potential to grow.
Visual thinking helps you to focus and think clearly, and boost your creativity.
«Pretty neat pairing of physical & digital goods. I think this is a great model for many current and future businesses.»
Hameto Benkreira
Founder of Drop In
«This is a brilliant idea, and the sketchbooks look great! Definitely investing in one.»
Harry Gardiner
Social Media Executive at Koozai
«I personally have been interested in sketching. I love that I can have a class along with purchasing the notebook.»
Safia Hatcher
Social Media Manager at Your Brand Voice
Which sketchbook do you want to study the course with?
We use 110g/m² cream acid-free paper. Your notes never bleed through to the next page.
Size: A5 — 147 x 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3 inches), 128 pages.

The course + «Hiver Fall»
  • The 5-week period course on visual thinking.
  • An illustration on the sketchbook cover is a part of «The Fall of the Rebel Angels», painted by renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
  • Free worldwide shipping.

The course + «Hiver Bouquet»
  • The 5-week period course on visual thinking.
  • An illustration on the sketchbook cover is a part of «Bouquet», the artwork painted by Jan Brueghel the Elder.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
The team
Andy Gor
«Two years ago I joined digital nomad lifestyle. I started travelling and making side projects. That's my third business and first project that includes both digital and physical parts. I do business development.»
Lu Milevskyi
«I think in pictures, learn in pictures, and believe that every idea can be made clearer by pictures. Sketchnoting helps me to learn, remember, and organise information. It is a great tool to explain your ideas, make notes, and stimulate thinking. Enjoy the email course.»
Boldnotebooks, 2016