How to make hand drawn pattern and then put it into your life

I am a painter, designer and printmaker. I went to school for painting and that’s what I did for years. And I had all these jobs on the side. I was tired of working for other people whether I was to be an art assistant or a waitress and I tried to figure out a way to bring my art into everyday products.

Today I run a studio with a team of two people and we are basically printing on a fabric and leather then cutting it and sewing it into tea towels, pouches and larger bags. We have managed to basically keep the whole production in house and do everything in a studio, so that’s what I do.

How to make hand drawn patterns

The idea of having the course is very simple: you don’t need to know how to draw to create a really cool pattern. If you know how to draw – great! You can definitely create some really cool designs, but if you don’t know, then this is a good way to create really cool patterns just by using a few geometrical shapes.

How to make hand drawn patterns

The idea is to create a tile that’s gonna have a very simple design and use that tile within a greed and rotating it and alternating the combinations to create some really cool designs. You can print in on notebooks, you can cover book with it, you can paper your cabinet. That’s the idea to be able to design something and then put it into your life and not just frame it and put on your wall.


  • Lesson 1 — What you need to draw a pattern.
  • Lesson 2 — How to draw your pattern.
  • Lesson 3 — Prepare and transfer your pattern.
  • Lesson 4 — How to digitalize your pattern.
  • Lesson 5 — Applying your pattern.

Maria Mykyt

Maria Mykyt
designer and entrepreneur

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