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How much does it cost to order a sketchbook?

We don’t sell sketchbooks. You can order a course and get any sketchbook for free.

What course can i take after receiving my free sketchbook?

You can study any course that is available on the courses page.

How long does it take for a free sketchbook to arrive?

International orders take around 7-14 business days to arrive.

Do you ship free sketchbooks internationally? How much does it cost?

We ship worldwide for free.

Will I receive notification?

After every order, we will send out an email to make sure you receive updates along the way.

How do I refund my order?

We are happy to make refund if the free sketchbook is in it’s original packaging. Send a ticket at refund@boldnotebooks.com.

Can I get a discount if I order multiple times?

Yes, we can offer you our discount. Email at buy@boldnotebooks.com for more information.

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